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July 19, 2018 3 min read

Magnesium has been called the planet’s natural healing treasure. It plays a critical role in the body, as it affects several different processes. These processes influence muscle function, energy production, oxygen uptake, and electrolyte balance, which you lose during exercise. Magnesium is an essential building block for our bodies. Necessary for nearly every chemical process and for the functioning of every system in the body, magnesium is often called the “master mineral”.

A Topical Magnesium Oil Absorbed Through The Skin

When massaged into the skin, pre and post workouts and exercise, GeoThermal Minerals Pure Magnesium Oil will help tired muscles, stiffness, and fatigue, along with workout recovery time. Magnesium promotes muscle protein synthesis to increase strength, hypertrophy, and shorten recovery time, thus allowing you to reach your peak athletic performance.

The Purest Magnesium Oil on The Planet

A 300 million year old ingredient, GeoThermal Minerals Pure Magnesium Oil is superior to other magnesium oils available anywhere because it comes directly from the Poltava region of the Ukraine, the purest, deepest, and oldest Bischofite deposit found anywhere in the world. Our Magnesium Chloride Oil is mined straight from earth without any refining. This is the purest possible Magnesium Chloride Oil (assay for Magnesium Chloride is 60.2%) straight from the mine without any refining. It’s a raw Natural Mineral of Bischofite with a concentration of 99.2%.

Additional Body Sculpting Benefits for Fitness Enthusiasts and Professional Athletes

Magnesium also improves insulin sensitivity by helping your body metabolize carbohydrates while influencing hormone activity responsible for regulating blood sugar levels. It also supports leaner body composition by creating an ideal metabolic environment to achieve a leaner physique in less time.


More Energy from Magnesium

Magnesium accelerates recovery time by fighting inflammation, increases antioxidant levels, and replenishing energy stores in the muscles.

Magnesium in Sports Medicine

Professional athletes know all about the importance of replacing magnesium in their bodies and it is considered a miracle supplement in the world of sports medicine. Athletes and bodybuilders all require an adequate dose of Magnesium to prevent sore muscles and to relieve pain. How does one know if they are deficient in Magnesium? Muscles spasms and cramps during games and workouts usually indicate a Magnesium deficiency.


Magnesium deficiency also makes it harder to flush lactic acid from your body, resulting in sore muscles and pain that impairs endurance performance. The benefits of Magnesium have led coaches to use transdermal Magnesium such as oils, balms, and lotions to ease and prevent muscle soreness.

When used on a daily basis, athletes also see an improvement in the depth of their stretching.

Rubbed into the legs after a workout it helps to reduce leg cramping and is also beneficial to a good night’s rest.

Muscle Spasms and Sports Injuries

Magnesium oil decreases recovery time & helps relieve sprains. Muscle spasms or twitches are common; you might experience one after strenuous exercise, long periods of standing or even while resting. Your muscles require magnesium and other minerals to help them contract and relax.

Helps to Strengthen Bones

Most people have the misconception that they only require Calcium to keep their bones healthy and strong. Magnesium plays an important role in keeping your bones functioning by converting Vitamin D to support calcium absorption. If you want to promote bone health, you need to increase your intake of Magnesium by supplementing your dietary intake with transdermal Magnesium.


The Science

Magnesium activates enzymes which help produce something called ATP (adenosine triphosphate). Why is ATP important? ATP plays a crucial role in the metabolic process. When your body breaks down ATP, the energy that is released is used by your muscles.ATP (adenosine triphosphate), the main source of energy in cells, must be bound to a magnesium ion in order to be biologically active. What is called ATP is often actually Mg-ATP. This is vitally important to the athlete who needs 110 percent outputs from their mitochondria during performance.

Athletes participating in sports desiring weight control (e.g., wrestling, gymnastics) apparently are especially vulnerable to an inadequate magnesium status. Magnesium supplementation or increased dietary intake of magnesium will have beneficial effects on exercise performance by magnesium-deficient individuals.


To summarize, inadequate magnesium levels in the body results to lower energy levels and decrease muscle function. Intense exercises, which are a norm for athletes, cause magnesium levels to drop much faster because it is being carried through sweat and urine.

'Without magnesium we are operating with the power turned off' - Dr Carolyn Dean  author of The Miracle of Magnesium

madeline Johnson
madeline Johnson

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