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September 14, 2018 2 min read

Chances are you stumbled upon this article because you are confused about the best way to take your daily dose of Magnesium Chloride. You may already know that it is essential for your body to function at its optimal level, but you really aren't sure whether you should use a Magnesium Oil or take a daily supplement. We are hear to clear things up. Note: if you are already taking a supplement and considering an oil for muscle cramps or spasms or arthritis, you can use both.

Magnesium Oil vs Pill

According to Dr. Marc Sircus, the biggest benefit of applying Magnesium Oil directly onto your skin (topical or transdermal treatment) vs taking oral supplements, is the direct absorption into your body when you apply oil to your largest organ (the skin) vs the possible adverse effects that Magnesium pills can have on your stomach and intestines.

Geothermal Permian aged Magnesium Oil

Magnesium oil delivers better absorption vs oral magnesium supplements which may cause diarrhea and other gastrointestinal problems in larger doses.

A versatile natural medicine that every family should have in their bathroom vanity, Magnesium Oil boosts almost all cell physiology and addresses systemic nutritional deficiencies, improves the immune system and helps protect the body from free radicals.

While Magnesium Oil already has benefits to your nervous system, when combined with essential oils like rosemary, peppermint and lavender, it becomes a super-stress reducer, the ultimate mood lifter, a ready-for-anything energizer and all around nerve calmer.

Our Permian-aged natural Magnesium Oil helps with everyday body processes while reducing the risk of certain cancers, strengthening muscle and tissues and helping to keep organs from deteriorating.


A huge proponent of Magnesium Oil, Dr. Mark Sircus, Ac., OMD, DM (P) is an acupuncturist, doctor of oriental and pastoral medicine and a prolific writer and author of some astounding medical and health-related books. Dr. Sircus’s methods are based on medical science and long years of clinical experience.

madeline Johnson
madeline Johnson

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