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August 08, 2018 4 min read


Warm weather and the alluring summer season calls us to the outdoors, to the beaches, lakes and beautiful bodies of water for some fun in the sun and waves.

All of this splashing and crashing around can wreak havoc on our muscles, ligaments and body. Here we take a look at some of the most popular water sports and the injuries that can be prevented and/or alleviated when we incorporate Magnesium Oil into our summer healthy body routine.

Paddle Boarding

According to this study, self-reported stand up paddle boarding injuries are most common to the shoulders, upper arms and lower back. Note that proper stretching is important and beginners should start in calm bodies of water.

Kayaking + Canoeing

For those that love to kayak and canoe, shoulder injuries due to the muscular force required to push the paddle through the water can cause strains or sprains.

The repetitive motion of moving the paddle can, over time, lead to overuse injuries of the wrist joints.

How to alleviate the pain

Simply pump our Magnesium Chloride Oil into the palm of hands and liberally rub over the area for maximum absorption.


For the relief of sore muscles or strains, apply directly to that part of the body, massaging in. Magnesium oil may be left on the skin, or rinsed or wiped off after 30 minutes. If after several applications the skin is still sensitive, the solution may be diluted with a small amount of pure water. * 2-3 pumps delivers approximately 5 g of elemental magnesium on the skin. 




According to an article written by Sean Fyfe on the Sports Injury Bulletin, some surfing injuries can lead to Rotator-cuff impingement and tendinitis, resulting in pain in the front shoulder and the deltoid region. A chronic condition like this is most commonly seen in beginners (poor paddling technique) and older surfers (years of paddling).

Prevention: Although surfers are generally resistant to stretching, this simple precaution will save your body from injury and improve your performance. It is difficult to commit to stretching, but if you spend ten minutes observing the lineup and the different spots to surf it will pay dividends. Not only will you avoid a painful (impossible to sleep on your side) conditions, but you will also have a better idea of which spots are working at your local break. More surf science here.


Water Skiing & Jet Skiing

Our Magnesium Oil helps with sprains and pains from common injuries like a calf muscle tear or a pulled shoulder muscle from water skiing. Magnesium oil, the most concentrated source of magnesium you can use for muscle pain relief, does not stop inflammation. Instead, it stops pain, relieves muscle cramps and helps release knots in stressed muscles. Peripheral nerves transmit a signal informing the brain of inflammation in the muscles.

Wind Surfing & Sailing

Sailors are at risk of injury and an understanding of the risks and causes of injury are important in helping to reduce their frequency and severity. Injuries are specific to the class of sailing. In elite Olympic-class sailing and racing in general the lumbar and thoracic spine and the knee most commonly injured.

People often resort to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory creams to relieve pain. Magnesium Oil when applied directly to the skin quickly floods and bathes cells of the muscles and nerves helping to relax them, thus alleviating pain rapidly, often within a few minutes of application.


Magnesium oil helps with electrolyte balance.

Swimmers that are devoted to the sport can put their bodies through intense training daily. When you're participating in these endurance activities, especially those that last over sixty minutes, you'll need to keep an eye on your electrolyte balance. Electrolytes contain this key mineral and when you're losing magnesium through your perspiration, it must be replaced. 

Our Magnesium Oil helps with muscle relaxation for less leg and foot cramping. Another way that magnesium helps swimmers with optimal performance is by ensuring proper muscle contraction. This mineral assists with ATP(adenosine triphosphate) production, which is especially important for red blood cell production in muscle cells. When you don't have enough magnesium to aid in ATP production, you'll experience muscle cramps and your muscles will not relax properly.

Better Rest  & Recovery

Magnesium is a calming mineral plays a key role in sleep and when you are lacking it, studies show that there is altered electrical activity in the brain, therefore causing agitated sleep and frequent awakenings. Having sleepless nights can negatively impact your swim performance. Magnesium also reduces cortisol, which helps to reduce the effects of this stress hormone on the body and mind. 

The Science of Magnesium Oil

There is evidence that marginal magnesium deficiency impairs exercise performance and amplifies the negative consequences of strenuous exercise.

The Purest Magnesium Oil on The Planet

GeoThermal Minerals Pure Magnesium Oilis a 300 million year old health & wellness secret. Our Permian Aged Minerals are from the Poltava Seabed and organically sourced with 99.2% Mineral of Natural Bischofite while Containing additional vital trace elements such as bromine, iodine, calcium, potassium, and selenium. 


madeline Johnson
madeline Johnson

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