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What You May Not be Aware of is that Technical-grade Magnesium, Derived from Rivers, is Far from Pure

Technical-grade magnesium, found in salt water, is extracted from the Great Salt Lake in Utah or from the Dead Sea in Israel. However, technical-grade magnesium is anything, but pure. The Great Salt Lake is a bed of exposed mercury with about 2 nanograms per kilogram found. If the source of magnesium is the Dead Sea or the Great Salt Lake, see it as sign not to buy. If the company does not reveal its source, that’s a red flag right there.


As One of the Purest and Most Upfront Suppliers of Natural Magnesium in the World, You Can Trust Us and Feel at Ease about Choosing Us

Our magnesium products are free of heavy metals such as mercury, cadmium, arsenic, lead, and bacteria and are packed with natural and organic benefits that are good for your health. 

Choose Us:

  • We derive magnesium from ancient mines in Poltava, Ukraine
  • We test our products in US factories
  • We sell the truest and the purest version of magnesium

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