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Miracle in a Bottle. Live your Lifestyle Fully, Completely

We bring you Magnesium oil, Magnesium flakes, and Magnesium cosmetic products made of unadulterated ingredients. Our Magnesium products are made of natural Bischofite or pure Magnesium Chloride salt. Pure organic Magnesium oil is the most effective way to introduce Magnesium into your system, as the body retains topical applications better than oral supplements. Topical Magnesium permits the body to fully absorb the Magnesium for maximum benefit to your wellness. Magnesium Chloride is more effective as a remedy than Magnesium Oxide.

GeoThermal Minerals extracts pure Magnesium brine from the Poltava region in Ukraine. Bischofite, a hydrous Magnesium chloride mineral, is a sea salt concentrate from the Permian Period (nearly 300 million years ago). Bischofite, an ecologically pure natural Magnesium mineral, contains Magnesium in much higher concentrations than can be found in sea or ocean salt. Our Permian era minerals are highly concentrated with 99.2 percent pure Magnesium. We bring you the best form of pure Magnesium you can find anywhere so that you can live your lifestyle fully and completely!