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Promotes Healthy Aging

Magnesium promotes healthy aging by decreasing muscular cramps and strengthening bones, muscles, teeth, and tissues.


Magnesium protects your body from premature aging by increasing the levels of DHEA or the “youth hormone.”


Magnesium supports the production of ATP by increasing energy production to maintain and sustain biological functions.


Magnesium regulates potassium levels by ensuring the sodium-potassium pump remains unaffected by regulating ATP and potassium in the body. The sodium-potassium pump, an enzyme, uses energy to produce sodium ions from the cells and transports potassium ions into the cells.

Magnesium — Your Secret To Looking Younger

Magnesium could take years off of your appearance by maintaining telomeres. Telomeres, formed out of genes, are the protective tips of chromosomes and in a Magnesium deficient individual, the cells have unusual telomeres shortening, which is closely related to rapid aging.


Start Taking Magnesium At a Younger Age

Individuals need to take Magnesium oil before they begin to develop symptoms of Magnesium deficiency, which include nervous fits, faintness, insomnia, headaches, fatigue, emotional, and anxiety. Researchers have made connections between Magnesium, rapid aging, and diseases for a long time. Aging tissues contain three times more Magnesium and Calcium. When excess Calcium enters the cells, Magnesium deficiency develops. Magnesium deficiency accelerates difficulties as people age.


Magnesium Prevents the Multiplication Of Free Radicals

Free radicals, unstable molecules, develop when molecules present in the cells react with oxygen. Free radicals play a vital role in the body, but they must be controlled. An unregulated radical production makes one more susceptible to autoimmune disease, heart disease, and cancer. A person with low Magnesium levels suffers from increased free radical damage and speeds up the production of free radicals in the body.

Magnesium deficiency doubled the presence of free radicals in the body and cells developed without Magnesium were twice as likely to free radical damage versus cells developed with regular quantities of Magnesium.


Slow the aging process, make magnesium oil part of your daily regimen.