GeoThermal Minerals Natural Magnesium Improves Health and Wellness

Chronic Magnesium deficiency can leave even the healthiest of us feeling irritable and nervous. It can lead to trouble sleeping and makes people susceptible to a host of conditions and ailments. Low Magnesium levels increase the risk of osteoporosis, amplify the effects of PMS, contribute to poor oral health, and can aggravate mood swings. Including bioavailable Magnesium oil or topical Magnesium in your daily regimen is a pillar in maintaining wellness and happiness.

Pure Magnesium oil is the most bioavailable form of Magnesium to support your wellness. Topical Magnesium sustains important anatomical processes and stimulates energy production in the body. It also works to calm the nervous system and improve sleep. Magnesium oil stimulates digestion, prevents muscle pain, helps transport calcium and potassium in the body, prevents osteoporosis, and is great for the health of your heart. Magnesium, your essential natural remedy.

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Miracle in a Bottle. Live your Lifestyle Fully, Completely

We bring you Magnesium oil, Magnesium flakes, and Magnesium cosmetic products made of unadulterated ingredients. Our Magnesium products are made of natural Bischofite or pure Magnesium Chloride salt. Pure organic Magnesium oil is the most effective way to introduce Magnesium into your system, as the body retains topical applications better than oral supplements. Topical Magnesium permits the body to fully absorb the Magnesium for maximum benefit to your wellness. Magnesium Chloride is more effective as a remedy than Magnesium Oxide.

GeoThermal Minerals extracts pure Magnesium brine from the Poltava region in Ukraine. Bischofite, a hydrous Magnesium chloride mineral, is a sea salt concentrate from the Permian Period (nearly 300 million years ago). Bischofite, an ecologically pure natural Magnesium mineral, contains Magnesium in much higher concentrations than can be found in sea or ocean salt. Our Permian era minerals are highly concentrated with 99.2 percent pure Magnesium. We bring you the best form of pure Magnesium you can find anywhere so that you can live your lifestyle fully and completely!

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To Giving You the Gift of Purity in a Bottle

GeoThermal Minerals offers pure Magnesium oil that is not altered in any way because we want to offer our customers the benefit of a totally pure and natural remedy. Our Magnesium oil contains no contaminants, such as bacteria or heavy metals. Completely pure, natural Magnesium is much more effective in maintaining wellness than lower grade, commercial Magnesium products.

The exceptional purity of our topical Magnesium increases its bioavailability and its effectiveness - it is ready for your immediate use. You may use GeoThermal Minerals Magnesium oil topically with creams, lotions, and oils. You won’t find a purer transdermal Magnesium. Our Magnesium product contains traces of bromide, calcium, potassium, iodine, selenium, and these additional minerals also contribute to health and wellbeing.

Choose our natural Poltava Bischofite Magnesium. We have Certificates of Analysis that attest to the safety and purity of our Magnesium oil. Our products are certified by US Laboratories to be free of heavy metals and bacteria, and they comply with FDA standards. Invest in your health, choose the best and purest Magnesium oil you can buy.